Production Engineering Solutions: Industrial 3D Printing Will Soon Be a Game Changer – Here’s Why

| The Essentium Team


3D Printing will soon be a game-changer in the manufacturing industry. Blake Teipel, CEO and co-founder of Essentium explains why. Until now, manufacturers have been dipping their toes and getting familiar with the technology, using it to create prototypes rather than final products. But that is changing.

It’s only a matter of time before 3D printing makes the leap from prototyping to manufacturing on the factory floor. And this leap will happen a lot sooner than most people think. The shift has been fuelled by innovation across the 3D printing landscape. First and foremost, what stands out is the rise of metals. In the past seven years, we’ve seen the arrival of 3D printed metals for essential products like fuel nozzles on jet engines. In fact, hundreds of airline parts can now be manufactured on an industrial 3D printer in the same time it takes to assemble the components by traditional methods, which is impressive.

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